Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What does Top Speed Data do?

A. Top Speed Data is an Independent Telephone Company Broker. It is our job to find the right solution for your business with the right carrier. It is our job to design your network, get you best pricing from the carrier that best fits your needs and project manage the carrier on your behalf through the entire process. See examples below to clarify what our team “does.”

  • Small regional business with 3 locations. We review their data network and carrier contracts. They have connections to all 3 locations at $1800 per location per month. Those prices are old and way over priced. We find the carrier that meets their needs, redesign their network and save them $3600/month. Total for all 3 locations is now $1800.

  • Large regional financial institution moving their main location and data center. We review their bills, voice and data, find numerous lines that cannot be identified by anyone in the company. Not unusual at all. We discuss situation with the executives while redesigning the network. Dozens of “dead” but billed lines are disconnected with a substantial savings; more favorable terms are accomplished for their new network; we project manage care of all of the communication with the carrier, including due dates, problems and issues leading up to installation.

  • Very, very large international electronics company wants our help with a new national network. We help with which carriers would fit the business needs, lead the negotiation of contract pricing, and, again, take care of all of the paperwork, due dates, problems, etc leading up to installation.

Q. What if I haven’t had anyone review my telecom bills in the last couple of years?

A. There is a 90% chance that you are paying at least 20% too much for all of your telecom services. Let the Top Speed Data team review your bills.

Q. What is Top Speed Data's goal?

A. Our goal is to lower your telecom expenses. We quickly become the IT Manager’s best friend. We work with over 30 carriers. Our job is to stay on top of all promotions, services and discounts and to know which carrier best fits your geography, budget and business need.

Q. How long has the Top Speed Data team been in the telecom industry?

A. Most of our employees have been in the industry since the mid- to late ‘70’s with the President, Anthy O’Brien, joining Pacific Telephone in 1971.

Q. How long has Top Speed Data been in business?

A. Under the name of Top Speed Data, since 2002; as a company under a different name with many of the same employees, since 1989.

Q. How long does the Top Speed Data team work with their customers?

A. We maintain our relationships with our customers for years, forever if they’ll let us. Our customers quickly realize that we are their advocate and a free IT staff member who has contact with all of the different phone companies every day.

Q. Why work with Top Speed Data instead of the carrier “direct” team?

A. Nothing beats the total of over 400 years of combined experience that we have at Top Speed Data. And, because the Top Speed Data team is “independent,” we do not favor any one carrier or try to make a carrier solution fit your business needs. There are many options with multiple carriers. We, at Top Speed Data, find the “right” solution for your budget, geography and business needs, with no ‘loyalty” to any one specific carrier. And, our team is stable and will not change. There have only been additions to our team in over 10 years; no turn over or loss of employees.

Q. Will the Top Speed Data team work with a carrier “direct” team?

A. Yes, of course. All of us at Top Speed Data came from one or more carriers and know the importance of “teaming” when requested by the customers. In a few cases, the carrier will not allow “teaming” and will make the customer “pick” one team or the other. Sorry.

Q. Will my company get better pricing if I work with the carrier “direct” team?

A. Emphatically NO! Pricing is identical whether you work through an authorized agent or directly with the phone company. However, Top Speed Data can “shop” your network solution with multiple carriers, saving your company lots of time and, often, bottom line dollars.

Q. What additional benefits does the Top Speed Data team bring to the network solutions that a carrier “direct” team may not be able to accomplish?

A. A few benefits:

  • Years of experience
  • Daily updates from all of the carriers on new services, promos and discounts
  • Team stability: our team has not changed in over 10 years, only grown
  • Not committed to any one carrier, only to the best solution for our customers

Q. What are the key communication items that businesses should pay attention to?

A. A few key items to know about your contract and network:

  • Know who all of your carriers are, contract length and current “street” prices. The last 3 years have seen huge decreases in prices; the carriers won’t necessarily call you at the end of your contract to let you know that you should renew at lower prices. Some carriers have a “auto renew” clause in the fine print; if you miss this and have not notified them NOT to auto renew, let’s say, 60 days before the end of your contract, you’re out of luck!
  • IT and Accounting need to communicate with each other for reasonableness of the current bill at least twice a year. Again, have an educated employee and/or consultant that can review your contract at least annually against services currently available in the market. There are new services coming out MONTHLY!
  • Important to have a trusted and educated employee and/or consultant to keep up with the impacts to services from the various carriers and to decipher the benefits and drawbacks to the business network currently in place.

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