Network Design - Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Change. That is the name of the game now. Wide Area Networks (WAN) are under going tremendous change. It has become more important than ever to work with a company like Top Speed Data to be able to give you advice on the latest changes.

With so many options from Frame Relay, Private Lines, MPLS to Metro Ethernet, how does a company make a decision? With multiple mergers between the companies, what does this means for your network?

Top Speed Data has been designing and helping companies make the correct network solution decisions for over 10 years; we have a combined team experience of over 400 years in the telecom industry. Our employees keep up with the changing carrier mergers, back-bones and technologies that can effect your network if you make the wrong decision.

Whether you are utilizing VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services or just need more bandwidth at an affordable price, Top Speed Data can help. We know the differences between all the carriers that you could only learn through experience. Who is best at billing? Who is best at implementation? Whose network is the most reliable?

Don’t know where to start? Call Top Speed Data. Our consultation is free and our results are priceless. Call today to set an appointment. 707-242-8266 ext. 266 or e-mail Glenn@topspeeddata.com.