MPLS - Multi Protocol Label Switching

MPLS is a new more efficient way to transfer data between locations. First there were private lines; then came Frame Relay; Now MPLS is the best way to connect most locations.

Key benefits to MPLS compared to other WAN (wide area networking) methods:

  • MPLS is not distance sensitive. Private lines and Frame Relay costs are often much higher because of mileage charges for crossing lata and state boundaries. This adds costs to WAN designs

  • MPLS, in most cases, for the same bandwidth, is between 20% and 40% less than traditional WAN designs. Save money OR get more bandwidth with the same budget.

  • MPLS provides for COS (Class of Service) throughout the network; important when companies are planning on implementing VOIP services across their WAN.

  • MPLS provides an “any to any connectivity,” allowing for more efficient transfer of traffic.

What is MPLS?

MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) is a method to transport IP (internet protocol) data packets. Do not be confused or think that this is going to the “BIG” Internet. While this transport method is being used by some carriers to transport their Internet traffic, MPLS is more commonly associated with private WAN networks especially people for companies that want or plan to implement VOIP service in the future.

If you want to save money or improve your network take a look at MPLS now.


Main reasons to implement MPLS:

  • Reduce costs or increase bandwidth for the same price

  • Improve network through-put and reliability

  • Allow implementation of VOIP service between corporate locations now or in the future

  • Allow for Mobile access to your private network through PDA’s and other mobile devices.

Which MPLS carrier?

Top Speed Data Communications will help you decide. We will discuss your business needs and show you the pros and cons of different MPLS carriers (not all MPLS networks are created equal). Top Speed Data will walk you through the selection process while at all times taking your business needs into account. We can handle the project management or the ordering and implementation while keeping your staff informed. Continue running your business on a day to day based while the new MPLS network is being implemented by Top Speed Data.

Call us today 707-242-8266 or email glenn@topspeeddata.com for your free professional audit of your telecom services and gain the information you need to make a decision on whether or not to convert to MPLS.