GPS (Global Positioning Tracking) Tracking

The ability to track employees with GPS can save companies thousands of dollars each year. Increasing a mobile worker’s productivity can have a huge positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

GPS started as a simple way to locate employees quickly. Now many new applications have been added to further increase employee productivity and reduce expenses for companies.

GPS offers many ways to help companies:

Efficiently manage your fleet. Stay in close contact with drivers and intelligently dispatch them based on their exact location, reducing delivery times and allowing drivers to complete more deliveries in less time.

Improve visibility. Know where your mobile workers and customer shipments are with near real-time updates on a Web-based map. Control costs. Track drivers' miles to ensure they are paid accurately. Save money on fuel and maintenance by minimizing out-of-route miles. And know where your fleet is and what they are doing.

  • Track drive times. Ensure compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations by tracking drivers' duty status with wireless timesheets.
  • Reduce mileage. Get dynamic, turn-by-turn voice and onscreen directions and as while as optimize routing based on load.
  • Improve customer service. Accurately pinpoint fleet location and estimate arrival times. And with the efficiencies gained, you can provide customers with faster service. Also it is possible to provide call ahead service as the employee gets closer to the deliver or service job.
  • Control costs. Ensure workers are paid accurately and save money on fuel by reducing mileage.

These are only a small fraction of the ways that GSP can improve productivity and save costs. Top Speed Data is here to help you make the right choices on equipment and service and help you select the right application for your business. We also work with our GPS partners to have custom applications designed to integrate into you your current CRM or HR databases. Email us or call 707.242.8266.

How does GSP work?

Many of today’s cell phones/PDA’s have GPS built into the units. These units pick up signals for GPS satellites and can accurately pin point the device location within a few feet. Combined this with mapping software and the device now becomes a full mapping and routing device.

This alone can save mobile works precise time by not getting lost and getting to job sites or customer appointments quicker. This data can also be easily uploaded to a database so that employers can instantly locate their employees at all times.

GPS is important for:

  • Safety – locate an employee who has been in an accident, hurt, ill, need immediate medical attention or is in some type danger
  • Better customer service so you can tell a customer how close your employee is to their location
  • Ability to better route employees to the next job
  • Record number of miles employees has driven
  • Know when a vehicle is due from service call
  • Employees being more efficient with their time

GPS is also used for more accurately reporting employee time: start/stop times and lunch and breaks can all be tracked automatically with just a few pushes of the buttons on the phones. Reports tell you not only what time the employee “logged” in to work, but where they were when they started working.

  • Sign in and out of work job at actual job site, reducing travel time from headquater location
  • Timesheet applications
  • More efficient way to get employees started on their day

Talk to a Top Speed Data sales employee to discuss ways to help your business with these small add-on applications to your current mobile phone service. Or let us help you design a complete mobility improvement plan for your company. Email us or call 707.242.8266.